5 Quick reference Points about Atmosphere

5 Quick reference Points about Atmosphere:

  • The atmosphere is the term given to the layer of air, which surrounds the Earth and extends upwards from the surface to about 500 miles.
  • The Earth’s atmosphere can be said to consist of four concentric gaseous layers.
    • Troposphere
    • Stratosphere
    • Mesosphere
    • Thermosphere
  • Pressure falls steadily with height, temperature falls steadily in the troposphere, and constant in the stratosphere and decreases in the mesosphere and thereafter it increases. Density also falls steadily with height.
  • The composition of Air.
    • Nitrogen- 78.08
    • Oxygen- 20.94
    • Argon- 0.93
    • Carbon dioxide- 0.03
  • International standard atmosphere(ISA)

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