Fundamentals of turbomachines -The Euler’s equation

Fundamentals of turbomachines -The Euler’s equation: Rotating machines are called as turbomachines. Turbomachines are a device, in which the rotating fluid interacts with the rotor which rotates about an axis. When a fluid interacts with a rotor, two things take place The energy transfer and The energy transformation The energy transfer takes place in the

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Free aeronautical study materials- 4 basics every aeroautical engineer must know

4 basics every engineer must know

4 basics every engineer must know: Pressure: What pressure is and how it works is so fundamental to the understanding of aerodynamics. There are two ways to look at pressure: . By definition, Pressure is defined as the normal force per unit area. P=FA Unit of pressure is N/m2 , Bar, Pascal. Pressure is a

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