Fundamentals of turbomachines -The Euler’s equation

Fundamentals of turbomachines -The Euler’s equation: Rotating machines are called as turbomachines. Turbomachines are a device, in which the rotating fluid interacts with the rotor which rotates about an axis. When a fluid interacts with a rotor, two things take place The energy transfer and The energy transformation The energy transfer takes place in the

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the ultimate guide for GATE aerospace 2018 preparation

A complete guide for GATE AEROSPACE 2018 preparation.

How to study effectively for GATE AEROSPACE 2018? As the big day is nearing, all those GATE aspirants are Working hard to step into a great future.All your dreams come true when you work smart rather than hard for your GATE AEROSPACE 2018. There are few effective strategies, I teach my students, When you follow

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